jessica williams

Williams was born in Alaska, USA, but later left American soil for Norwegian fjords in 2011. Before moving to Norway and since her teen years, she had made a name for herself as a Internet-based artist. She achieved success with her now defunct website/blog (which is speculated to be the inspiration for the 2009 indie film Paper Heart featuring Michael Cera), her popular one-year Zine Subscription and the small art publishing house NSEW Press (2011–2014) which published both her own work and that of other artists.


Early influences in her artworks are everyday moments and emotions, the tactile experiences in an increasing digital life. These have also continued to follow her into recent works. Her newest project, Hverdag Books, is named after this influence; Hverdag means Everyday in Norwegian. Another more recent influence is that of the human impact on nature. Her first Hverdag Books publication Oslofjord deals with plastic. As plastic needs about 1000 year to degrade in nature, it creates a notable mark in our natural surroundings. The aforementioned Oslofjord is a series of still life images of found plastic on Oslo’s shores. Sometimes these pieces of plastic can be confused for natural objects like small stones, after years of shaping by the sea and sand. At first glance the images are beautiful to observe, but they also tell a story of nature’s struggle against the man-made toxicity that is petroleum-based plastics, which ultimately destroys wildlife. Williams confronts us with this being our everyday, but that the “everyday” is not necessarily something to be seen as trivial.


Jessica has published around 40 art books and zines, and has had solo exhibitions of her works in Oslo, New York City, Glasgow, Malmö, Barcelona and Austin. Her newest exhibition in Oslo, which also can be seen as a retrospective solo exhibition in the age of just 31 years old, is called Growing up on the Internet and paper. Now she is slowly working on her first novel which she will write in Norwegian, based on the experience of being an immigrant in Norway. Her mother’s family is Chinese and had only immigrated to the USA after WWII.   

 The Shield

The Shield


威廉姆斯出生于美国阿拉斯加,但后来她离开了美国的土壤于2011年来到挪威的峡湾畔。早在她来挪威之前,在她十来岁的时候,就已经以博客网站Paperheart.org的成功成为享誉国际的艺术家(据猜测,该网站就是2009年那部由迈克尔·塞拉主演的知名独立电影Paper Heart的灵感来源),她还拥有一家独立出版社,名为东西南北社,出版社的迷志订阅服务颇受欢迎,还同时出版她的个人作品和别的艺术家创作的艺术书籍。

她早期作品主要受日趋电子化的生活中日常的瞬间、情感与情绪,以及触觉体验的启发和影响,这些影响一直跟随她至今。她最新的项目——Hverdag Books,就是以这一影响命名的,Hverdag就是挪威语的日常。而近期对她的作品产生影响的是人类对自然的重创,比如她的第一部Hverdag Books出版的作品《奥斯陆峡湾》中的塑料。塑料需要上千年的时间才能在自然中降解,这些塑料制品在我们的自然环境中留下了不可磨灭的印迹。刚才提到的《奥斯陆峡湾》就是一组在奥斯陆沿岸发现的塑料残留物的静物照。有时候这些塑料碎片会让人误以为是自然界的东西,比如经年累月由大海和沙石冲积而成的石滩。乍一看图像的画面非常唯美,但这些照片讲述的却是自然与人类由石油制造出来的有毒塑料制品之间的抗争,这些塑料制品最终摧毁的是我们赖以生存的野生动物。威廉姆斯把这些我们的日常摆在我们眼前,但“日常”并不代表应该被我们忽视。