Northing presented itself, its ambitions and missions for the very first time to the public during the 2015 Bergen Art Book Fair. Ben, representing Northing, talked about how Northing came into being and what it planned to do in the near future. One of the main projects mentioned in the talk, Snacks, was realised in 2016. 


Snacks is a supplement of Art World, the biggest and oldest art magazine in China. It comes out four times a year with a more alternative and liberated style. Each number invites one artist or designer to edit and design the whole magazine. Northing took the job to plan, edit and design issue No. 26. All artists that were featured in this magazine are somehow connected to Bergen. The making of this issue was also supported by Bergen Kommune. Following the tradition of curating Snacks, finding three words to define the main topic(s) of each issue, the issue No. 26 used the words Mountain, Road, and City as its fuse to inspire the participants. The results revealed the reflections the artists have to the relationship between our rapidly urbanizing civilizations and our short-tempered mother nature.

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Snacks No. 26 was very well received in China and Northing, together with Bergen Zines, organized a release party for it at Bergen Kunsthall. Later Northing participated in Bergen Art Book Fair. Besides selling Snacks, Northing also introduced the Norwegian visitors to many art books from China, representing abC/f (Art Book Fair in China).




第26期《零食》在中国国内广受好评,Northing连同Bergen Zines在卑尔根艺术大厅为它举办了挪威首发仪式。之后Northing参加了该年的卑尔根艺术书展。除了出售《零食》之外,Northing还代表中国艺术书展abC/f为挪威观众展示了许多来自中国的艺术书。