When in Shanghai, our internet connection was not the best to say the least, so all our pictures had to wait to be shared till we got back home on Norwegian ground and with a steady wifi. 

Our stay in Shanghai began at the risoprinter and publisher Bananafish / Pausebread, where our Norwegian participants met with Chinese counterparts Cindy Sun, Chaoyu Li, Liu Jinzi and Xiao Longhua to make a publication together in a 1-day workshop. 

<untitled> 231.jpg
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With teams of two we collaborated on each page of the book, that explored the theme "habitat". 

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<untitled> 236.jpg
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Each page were then printed on the 2-color risograph in 200 editions. At midnite we were finally finished, and could start the assembly line:

<untitled> 237.jpg
<untitled> 242.jpg
<untitled> 240.jpg
<untitled> 238.jpg
<untitled> 241.jpg

The publication will be available in Norway at this years Bergen Art Book Fair in October!

 The next day we returned to Bananafish to launch the publication, as part of their presentation series Binding Talk. Below some pictures from Bananafish's instagram:

The next days were spent at Minsheng Museum, where we had a special spot at this years Art Book China!

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Åshild did a little drawing performance with black ink on A3 sheets of paper taped to the wall. The drawings were later signed and sold.

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The fair was not very big, compared to others in New York and Tokyo, but it was pretty crowded every day, and artist's books and zines seems to be on the rise in China – where self-published books isn't technically legal.

<untitled> 257.jpg

The museum had a wonderful roof top terrace were you could look closely at the decorative construction of the buildning, and with a very nice view over the Expo area in Pudong (where the World Expo 2010 was held)

<untitled> 230.jpg

Jessica and Christian appeared on the local tv news in Shanghai! They were also interviewed by a japanese tv network, but we have yet to find this online. Video below!

To finish this post (on an unrelated note regarding art books) we need to share one of our food adventures! This strange bacon "cake" with ice and flowers got the attention of all our cameras when visiting a hot pot resturant:

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Thank you to Bananafish, Art Book China, thank you to all the artists collaborating with us at the workshop at Bananafish, thank you to all the other wonderful people that we met, thank you to Art World for having us on a studio visit, and thank you Shanghai for the great food!


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