Hello from Shanghai!

Ni hao ma!

Welcome to our first post within the China meets Norway in a Bookshelf-project! This project is about sharing and discussing Chinese and Norwegian culture within the art book field and children's books in both countries.

The project is a collaboration between Northing (who works with translation of children's books), and Bergen Zines (who work with event focusing on zines and artist’s books), who both have their base in Bergen. Our Chinese collaborators are Bananafish Pausebread (risostudio in Shangahi), the Art Book China fair in Shanghai and the art space Meridian in Beijing.

We will in this blog share our experiences and meetings throughout the project in both Shanghai and Beijing!

We are now in Shanghai, and Anki from Bergen Zines will keep you posted throughout this following week, where we will make a book, have lecture and book launches, and attend the Art Book China. 

In Beijing art historian Cecilie Størkson will take the blog wheel, and explore the event at Meridian Space through her experience. Anki and Cecilie have worked together before in Bergen Zines, with the first edition of Bergen Art Book Fair. Together they have also travelled to New York Art Book Fair (2014) and Tokyo Art Book Fair (2016), where Cecilie has been an independent part with her own publishing projects. This time she has been invited by Bergen Zines to give you a view of the project in Beijing, which is the making of an Norwegian art book fair outside of Norway!